Mint install seems stuck (Resolved)

I am installing Mint from a USB stick on to my desk top PC. It seems stuck on the Who are you screen. I told it to format the drive and use the whole drive for the installation.

The progress meter has been in the same position for over an hour the computer is still responding. should I reboot the system from the hard drive.

Reboot from the USB stick and try to install again.

Any information would be useful.

Have you used a capital letter in the username by any chance or a space ?

Your name - Anything You Like.
Pick a username - must be all lower case and have no spaces.
Choose a password - I think it must be (at least) 8 characters and contain a number.
hostname (computer name) - (not sure) so probably best to have no spaces, keep it short (less than 15 letters ?), and have no special characters for NetBIOS compatibility (with Windows).

I remember a lot of people had this problem with Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 and Mint9/10, because the useername field contained the word Username (with a capital U) which was very misleading… the username MUST be all lower case.

I consider(ed) it a “bug” in the Ubuntu/Mint “Ubiquity” installer… see here:

Though I don’t know if it’s been made clearer, or if it now warns you in Ubuntu 11.04/Mint 11 ??

Installation is now progressing no mention of these restrictions in the set up.

Will advise when install is completed OK.


Installation completed fine after your advice, this needs to be resolved by the developers.

Thanks again for your help.

Which version of Mint are you using ? … I’d forgotten about that and was kind of expecting it to be “fixed” by Ubuntu 11.04/Mint 11 (it caught out enough people), so it will be interesting to know if it was ?

I forgot to look when I installed 11.04 ::slight_smile:

mint 10 LXDE said it was most up to date stable version.