Mint is a keeper

Really impressed with Mint 19 still dual booting on desktop with W8 pro due to Photoshop being better than Gimp and more ‘how to’ videos available.Now have carried it over to Missus’s laptop and dual booting alongside W10 which is absolutely SH**E,but keeping it in case Microsoft offer a free upgrade to next OS.

Another option would be to simple extract the licence key and write it down somewhere … then you’d be able to re-install Win10 any time you like.

I’m not suggesting you SHOULD do this … just offering it as an option, and something I’d advise you do anyway, that licence key is valuable and will come in handy if Win10 ever becomes unbootable :wink:

Mark with a 1tb of hard drive and 8gb of ram do you think there would be much gain in wiping W10 considering Missus doesn’t really store much on laptop?

Not really, you my as well keep it dual boot … but I’d still extract that key and write it down somewhere, you never know if/when you’ll need to reinstall Windows.

Such as if the hard drive fails … or you decide to swap the HDD for an SSD … or you decide to sell the PC and want to do a clean install first.

yeah got key stored.