Mint julia on USB

I have just installed Mint Julia on a 4gb usb stick, a couple of problems have come up. First I want to set a password at startup but it keeps asking for the original and of course I have never set one up! Secondly I keep getting a request to set up a password key for things like my WiFi and I dont really want to. Any suggestions?

It souldn’t really be asking for a username/password, but by default the LiveCD/USB should be

Username: mint

The keyring password… if it is asking you to set one up… just leave it blank, and when it complains about “unsafe storage” accept it anyway.

The normal way to change a users password would be sudo passwd then follow the prompts for your old password (probably blank) and the new password twice … as in
sudo passwd mint
but I have no idea how this will behave in a (squashfs) LiveUSB with autologin enabled… so attempt this at your own risk… worst case scenario, you’ll have to recreate the LiveUSB.