Mint with Unity

There should be a version of Mint with the Unity desktop … Mint/Unity … they could call it “Mutiny” :slight_smile:

Or Peppermint could do a trimmed down version … Punity

Is that before or after you get KDE working on Peppermint?

I’ve said before … Keppermint just sounds stupid :wink:


Though I suppose a “special edition” … “Peppermint Special K” … sounds quite yummy :wink:

Actually it sounds wrank!
Special K is bad at the best of time, but peppermint flavoured Special K? Ugh!!

No accounting for taste eh … but then you’re asking for Peppermint with KDE :o

And you’re asking for Mint with Unity :stuck_out_tongue:

touché :slight_smile:

Could be worse… Pecker-Mint… ::slight_smile:

Opens up a whole different can of worms… ;D

Is that Peppermint with several “selected” SSBs built into the default install? ;D