Missing Application - Solved

I wanted to copy some files from a USB stick to a CD. I expected Brasero to start but a default application with no name persuaded me that it was doing as requested. Sadly, the CD was empty so I went in search of Brasero.
I am using V11.10 in classic mode, and Brasero used to be in Applications/Other or Applications/Accessories but was nowhere to be found. Thinking that perhaps I had removed it from the display list, I viewed the entire available set of menu items using
Applications/Other/Main-menu, but it was not listed.
Had I deleted it? Ubuntu Software Centre told me it was installed. So I un-installed it then re-installed it. And it is still not listed in the Applications menus.

Hmm! Any ideas anyone? Is there a sudo command to list installed applications?

If you press Alt+F2 it will open the ‘Run command’ box. Type in Brasero and press enter, that should start it if it’s installed.

Or if you open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T then type in brasero and press enter it should start or tell you any errors that come up.

As for getting it back into your menu, I’m not sure off the top of my head. I will have a look when I get home, or maybe someone else can answer that one.

Hope that helps

As glitch says, first see if:


launches Brasero.

If it does … see if this gets it back in the menu’s:

cp -v /usr/share/applications/brasero.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/brasero.desktop

if not, what was the output from that command.

In response to the original question

dpkg -l > ~/software-list

Will give you a file in your Home folder called software-list with the status of installed and removed packages.

or you could just search for the status of the brasero package with

dpkg -l | grep brasero

ii = installed
rc = removed but the config files are still present

Glitch & Mark, You are Stars!
I still have minor problems with copying, but I have got around them for now and can at least copy files to CD.
The extra terminal commands will be very useful, too.
Very many thanks, as usual.