MMO Opensources ALL. Code, art, engine, client.

This is interesting:
All MMOs are rubbish, blah blah blah. World of Snorecraft, blah blah blah. Well, make your own bloody MMO, then. How? With the complete source code and art assets from fantasy monster-biffing game The Saga of Ryzom…

See the full article here:

Full disclosure: I work at the company that hosts RPS. And I like them :slight_smile:

Developers can now access the source code of the end-user client, content creation tools and server in order to make modifications

Does this mean:
a) they are making the source code for client, server, and content creation tools available… along with the art assets
b) they are making the souce code of the client and art assets available, and access to their server and content creation tools

ie. is this aimed at getting people to ADD to their game… the reason I ask… apart from being a cynic by nature :slight_smile: is that later in the article it states -

Winch Gate intends to incorporate certain code changes and enhancements into the official version of the Ryzom game. All code developed outside Winch Gate’s in-house development staff will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure quality standards, stability and security.

If they are making the whole thing open source… I applaud them.
but bearing in mind I’m no coder… If all they are giving away is the client side source code, and access to the content creation tools… how much use is this?

Art assets… textures, objects etc. will be nice either way though :slight_smile: