Mobile internet on aspire one- saga continues- HELP!!!

Hi all,

I have been trying to get mobile internet for ages but I was always told that it wouldn’t work on Linux. Yesterday I went into store again and I was told that the T-mobile ZTE USB Modem would work on linux, happy days! So I bought it , got it home and have the same issue that I have everytime I need to do anything at all to this laptop! What a nightmare! It doesn’t work. I have been searching the internet since this morning and have added a new profile under mobile manager, I have spoken both to T-mobile and to Acer (which told me they couldn’t help), I have seen a few techie instructions by tweaking stuff on terminal which I simply can’t follow! If you know how to fix it can you Help! please I love my netbook but I’m now sooo exasperated I feel like throwing it out of the window!
Many thanks

Can you follow the instructions on one of these two websites and post back if you have any problems… explaining exactly how far you got and any error messages.

the settings you will require for the T-Mobile 3G network are:

Name: TMobile GPRS
GPRS APN address:
Username : user
Password: wap

any other settings can be left blank.