Modem access via Router

Hi all,

My current setup consists of a ADSL2+ Modem plugged into a Router and my PC is wired into the Router.

To setup the Modem initially I plugged it straight into my PC and logged on to in my browser. When it is all connected up I can configure the Router via but I am not sure how to access the Modem via the Router so as to not disconnect anything.

Does anyone have any ideas?


If I’m understanding your setup, I’m not sure you can … if the old modem/router is in bridge mode any traffic arriving at it will be forwarded to the internet.

or is this just a subnet mask issue ?

Can you explain the setup a little clearer including IP ranges, and DHCP setup.

No I don’t think you can either.

My setup is;

Modem set to Bridge Mode, connected to DSL. LAN port on modem goes to DSL port on Router. The Router holds all the internet settings for my ISP.

The modem has no IP address and the router is on the address. I have my wired PC set to and my gaming laptop wired to DHCP starts at and is for all wireless devices and any other computers that get plugged in my switch.

The modem is bridge mode so like you said just passes the traffic to and from the Internet. I just wondered if there was a way to check the modem settings with out moving out of my chair… laziness!

I am still having problems with the connection though, ADSL keeps dropping for some reason and the speed is really inconsistent. I may have to have a little chat with my ISP!

Any particular reason for putting it into bridge mode?
When I had issues with my ISP I set up (just to rule out my router/modem) a similar configuration with:
Reused my old Netgear wireless router/modem as a modem only (disabled wireless, routing and NAT)
Connected current ZyXEL wireless N router/modem to the netgear via Ethernet
Disabled modem in ZyXEL and added the Netgear fixed IP address as a gateway
Connected ZyXEL to network switch via Ethernet
This way I could access the ‘modem’ from anywhere as it was just another device on the network
This way was able to connect to the internet as usual, make use of the wireless and hard wired network
So it was all dandi except that the internet connection was still as bad as before.

Would I be right in assuming that in bridge mode … the connection details and PPPoE/PPPoA settings are taken care of by the new router … if that’s the case, why do you even need to access the modem ?

@SeZo - I might have to give that a try.

@Mark - You assume correct. I just wondered if it could be done as the internet connection was still all over the place and I wanted to keep checking the settings.

For some reason if I reboot both my modem and router the connection comes in and works for about 2 minutes then is disconnected. No settings are changed and no matter how many times I try to reconnect the only way is to reboot the modem… and the same thing happens.

I’ve tried to Router/Modems and various configurations to get this working, I have to presume there is an issue beyond my control.

You might be right … have you tried removing all other phone equipment from the equation by unplugging it all … and have you tried a different ADSL filter ?

I don’t have a phone line, broadband only, so there is no other equipment.

I have acquired a new ADSL filter from work to try tonight… didn’t think of that!

Okay… I have put in a new ADSL filter, unplugged everything and checked every single setting. Plugged it all back in and we are up and running, at a much faster speed as well.

The connection has held for about 20 minutes, which is 15 minutes longer than before! Fingers crossed!!

Cheers guys.