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Mr Shuttleworth apparently commenting on Ubuntu 10.10;

The "Maverick" bit? Ubuntu developers aren't like just any meerkats. They're like meerkats who intend to destroy un-free software as we know it. "We want to put Ubuntu and free software on every single consumer PC that ships from a major manufacturer, the ultimate maverick move."

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There are a lot of people out there who write OS code that goes into Ubuntu, I’m pretty sure 99.99% are not ‘Ubuntu Developers’ - so why are Ubuntu Developers apparently so significant? (and indeed, what do they do?!)

Secondly, why do they intend to destroy un-free software as we know it? I’m pretty sure that 99.99% of developers have no wish to destroy non-free software, if they did, they’d mostly be out of work (!) Indeed my perception of Ubuntu Developers is that they work on applications like Ubuntu One and Ubuntu Cloud services … i.e. the non-free stuff ?!

The idea of Open Source is to provide people with a choice, it’s not to achieve total world domination!

101 reasons why Shuttleworth is rapidly climbing the disassociation list and is now not too far from Bill …

Methinks he’s just a little too excited. Good intentions but doesn’t know what he’s doing 100%. :wink:

Or he really is a sole-less, ever-expanding enrepenure, and this is all just a big money making tool.

But on that, it says in the open-source legal doc, there are no restrictions, other than enforcing no restrictions. Unless he plans to touch that, he’s jsut waffling.

Erm … making money wasn’t specifically what concerns me.

Many (many) moons ago, a couple of companies who can remain nameless here, decided to fund SCO to attack Linux via IBM, not because they thought they could win, but because the doubt hanging over the case would stunt commercial take up of Linux for many years to come (IMHO). In context, it’s not how much money Ubuntu make off Linux now or in the future that’s in issue, it’s the damage they do to “Linux” in the process, that I find concerning. It’s amazing how much damage waffling can do (!)

I know Ubuntu try not to mention “Linux” as such these days, but they are nevertheless known as a “Linux”. When they put out applications that don’t work or are buggy, people trying out Ubuntu then make the association that “Linux doesn’t work”.

Ubuntu claim their developers are doing this that and the next thing, making out that Ubuntu is doing all the work and is invaluable to the process (which is probably 180 degrees out of phase with reality) firstly gives the impression that Linux is fronted by a relatively small (200 people) outfit - which is not the case. Secondly people see “their” work being touted by Ubuntu as Ubuntu’s work, I dunno, if you spent three years developing an application, then saw it included as part of Ubuntu, screen shots on their website etc … saying it was all part of Ubuntu (with the implication they had developed it) - how would you feel ?

It’s not any one thing they’ve done, and indeed it’s only really become apparent more recently, but there seems to be an accumulation of “little things” which I would guess are driven by corporate strategy (or maybe just corporate attitude) that make me think they’re going in an unhealthy direction for “Linux”. (albeit the direction ‘Ubuntu’ seem to think is best for themselves)

For my part, I’ve been using Ubuntu fairly exclusively for 3-4 years and although I’ve ‘tried’ a dozen other distro’s (and produced my own!) I’ve stuck with Ubuntu so far. I can tell you however the next time I do an install, it will be Debian and if it works as well as I expect it to, I’ll be sticking with Debian moving forward. Not because Debian is technically better than Ubuntu (which would be silly, Ubuntu is Debian) but for the same reason I won’t ever be loading Windows 7 onto a machine.

“Ubuntu’s Lucid Lynx turns back on Yahoo! search switcheroo”

So apparently Yahoo (or should be say “Microhoo” … or indeed just M$?) is no longer going to be the search engine of Choice in 10.04. I’m wondering who made the apparently ill-fated decision to try to move away from Google …

And also who was responsible for the move back … user pressure? (probably not) Engineering teams, well maybe … or maybe Google just decided to sponsor Ubuntu (?)

As nobody is saying, I’m guessing either MS (not M$, interesting similarity tho’) made the choice and is a little red-faced to be trumped by his engineers, or Google has been playing with it’s dough again … be interesting to find out (!)