More own foot shooting from Microsoft

Ya gotta love it when Microsoft sabotage their own OS

Microsoft says to uninstall August patch updates causing blue screen of death

I know this to be true because I had a Win8.1 PC here the day before yesterday with the same issue:-

"Stop 0x50 errors," aka blue screen after applying any of four updates (KB2982791 KB2970228 KB2975719 or KB2975331).

If you update your Windows with the update, a message flashed on the screen that reads: “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info and then we’ll restart for you (0% complete).”

“Installation went smoothly. After rebooting everything worked fine. But when I shut down my notebook and switched it on a little later it came up with a blue screen with a Stop 0x50 in Win32k.sys. I could not even boot into safe mode as Windows failed to start no matter which mode chose”

Workaround (including for those that can’t boot) detailed here:

That’s some real nice QA there M$.
AND they give themselves time to test stuff by delaying their patches!!

Maybe their latest 18,000 layoffs bit into the QA dep’t, and we’re now into the runaway train scenario :slight_smile:


This one has been committed to “bookmarks” (along with a few other examples of updates breaking Windows) for when someone next bitches about a kernel update breaking something in a “well it doesn’t happen in Windows” kinda way.

Including this famous one that broke nearly every PC with an AMD CPU (and BTW made a lot of people a ton of money):
in which they blamed OEM’s … erm, it was Microsoft’s policy to get OEM’s to pre-install windows without giving out a disk.

and quite a few other less famous examples.

Bizarrely, reading the link you posted about fixing this mess, it all seems to be related to fonts - how can fonts ever be that critical, and involve the kernel?!?!

And People are paying for the privilege… ??? ??? ???


Wonder where you’d stand on suing them for breaking your PC / loss of earnings ?

I’m going to guess that’s why a new Windows PC ask you how YOU want it to deal with updates … so legally you let Microsoft off the hook.

Choose NOT to auto-install updates, and any problems are your fault … Choose to auto-install updates, “well it was YOUR choice”…