Mounting USB devices - Peppermint 7

Hi. I’ve recently installed Peppermint 7 alongside Win10 on a new HP laptop. Win10 recognises my phone (Sony Xperia T running Jelly Bean) but claims that the drive is empty. Which it isn’t. If I plug it into the USB running Peppermint the phone lights up but I can’t figure out how to mount its storage. I’ve got a box full of SCSI cables, but the plugs are just too big to fit the phone :wink:
Any advice would be welcome!

Okay this is a problem with ALL android 4+ devices and Linux.

You have to enable USB debugging on the phone … and then choose to put the phone into “mass storage” mode instead of “mtp mode”

I’ll see if I can find some info on google for you, as Google in their wisdom decided to hide USB debugging in Android 4+

Thanks. Armed with this info I found a guide to enabling USB debugging on Android 4 at How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android | Kingo Android Root, which worked with my phone. Still looking for info on how to switch from mtp to mass storage tho. In the course of my browsings I ran across Airdroid, which has solved my file file transfer problems for now, but I’d still like to know how to do it by wire.

Do you not now have

Settings > Xperia > USB Connectivity > USB Connection Mode > Mass Storage Mode


and yeah Airdroid is a great app :slight_smile:

Yes, Settings > Xperia > USB Connectivity > USB Connection Mode > Mass Storage Mode is there, though I wouldn’t have known where to find it without being told! Both W10 and Peppermint can now see the phone’s SD card - having read around a bit on the rationale for mtp I understand why it isn’t possible to mount internal storage. So issue resolved, for me at least.
Thanks again for your help, Rob.

You’re most welcome Rob :slight_smile: