Moving files to folders

Hey guys, I know control and A allows you to select all the files to move into a folder, but what if I just want to select some of them? How’d I do that? It is a nuisance having to do them one by one.

Try holding ctrl then clicking each file that you want.
If they are consecutive in the folder you can select the first one then hold shift and select the last one and all inbetween files will be selected too.
If they are all grouped you can click and hold on an open space and then move the mouse to create a selection window and all files within that window will be selected.

SGS 2 and Tapatalk are awesome.

Cheers Galaxy- I’ll try that- I like your robot by the way!

Never heard it called that before but thanks all the same:P
Do you run an Android phone with a replacement launcher?
If so I can mail you a whole themes worth of them.
SGS 2 and Tapatalk are awesome.