Mozilla Firefox Aurora

I’m interested to see if anyone has tried Firefox Aurora.

I’m currently testing it, on both Windows & Linux and scrolling is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo smooth. No seriously, it’s ridiculous how smooth it is.

There’s some nice new features, like the “Chrome home-page” with all your most visited web pages, or the ones you’ve got pinned. I really like it.

Seems to be a lot faster as well. Managed to sync all my bookmarks, etc from Firefox 11 on my Linux machine and it’s just so pleasant.

I’d like to state, anyone thinking about trying it, do be careful. It’s just a development web browser that has features that will/will not be in stable released of Firefox. A Developers testing ground if you will.

What’s your thoughts?

Hmm … I must agree with the smooth scrolling, VERY smooth … I also like the way the scrolling seems “damped” when you get to the very top or bottom of a page … I can only offer this analogy to explain it, like the way modern kitchen drawers slow for the last bit rather than just slam shut.

I first backed up ~/.mozilla/firefox … just in case it wouldn’t let me go back to the stable version … then just unpacked it to a folder on the desktop, and ran the “firefox” binary inside.

Good news, is ALL the addons I use worked, and it DID allow me to go back to the stable version … though I’d still advise others to back up first.

As I use the “New Tab Homepage” addon, the “Chrome home-page” was overridden … I did take a look at it, and no doubt it will come in handy for some people … me, I like “New Tab Homepage” so I’ll stick with it.

So I’d say … so far I haven’t noticed anything of much use that isn’t in the stable release (maybe there IS something, but if there is I haven’t found it yet), but that scrolling is just beautiful.

I know. The scrolling is so nice. I found that stylish wasn’t available to use with this version sadly… I use it to change the way Google, Youtube, etc, etc look. Give them a darker feel and blend in with my theme on the computer. I hate bright white pages… Even though I’ve got perfect eye-sight, I’m starting to go short-sighted lol, so trying I’m trying to preserve my eyes from burning. lmao

It’s starting to show as well. :frowning: I can hardly read bright coloured text anymore.

I have no idea what “stylish” is ?


Ahh … skin Youtube, Google, Facebook, etc.

On the whole, I try to keep addons to a minimum and I’m not overly concerned with theming, skinning, etc.

Nothing against it … just not for me.

I just explained it in the post.

You can “modify” the way pages look. It’s a pretty nifty tool.

I was editing my last post whilst you posted that … see above.

Luckily all the addons I use work with Aurora (13.0a2) too :slight_smile:

Is “Stylish” the only one you’ve coma across that doesn’t ?

I’ve just noticed that the Aurora page mentions something about it having problems with some Synaptic touchpads … I’m wondering if this smooth scrolling only applies to touchpads, or is less noticeable with a mouse.

I’ll bung it on my desktop tomorrow, and see if it is still as noticeable.

Yeah so far, Stylish is the only I’ve found that doesn’t work for me.

I’ve also noticed some crazy scrolling behaviour with my mouse. I’ll scroll down, and then it’ll jump back up to the top of the page. ???

I’m used to use my page up, page down buttons anyway, so it really doesn’t bother me.

Although I wish I had stylish, so I had my auto-reveal bookmarks bar. :frowning:

If you haven’t already seen it … check this posting:
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