Mozilla release HTML5 game ~ BrowserQuest

Mozilla release HTML5 game ~ BrowserQuest

More info and link here:
or direct link to the game

Video -

I was going to try it just out of curiosity (not a gamer) but it got stuck on Connecting to server…
Oh well.

Close that tab, and try again … it took me 3 or 4 attempts, then it works every time … weird :wink:

No luck, even disabled the firewall just in case.
Possibly everyone is following your suggestion and jamming the connection.
Never mind, not essential.
I am for whatever Mozilla brings out ( Firefox being the first step towards freedom)
this will be no exception.

try logging on the first time with a short name … at first I used Write_Failure as a name, and it did what you mentioned … I then changed to EmGee and it worked … THEN I was able to use Write_Failure.

It was my proxy server getting in the way. Once bypassed it worked first time round (same player as before)
Bit jerky sometimes, but that cold be my wireless connection.
It shows that it is a viable option to flash.

Yup … games pretty rubbish, but it gets the HTML5 point across nicely :slight_smile:

Gonna really test this game tomorrow. Me & my brothers are gonna try it out. :stuck_out_tongue: