Mr Robot

Hi, has anyone been watching “Mr Robot”, which has just appeared on Amazon Prime?

Although it’s not “about” Linux, technically, it pretty much is all about Linux. :o
(it’s now one of my favourite shows … :slight_smile: )

I am now … I’d spotted the entire season on Kodi but hadn’t taken much notice of it until you brought it up, but after watching the first episode I’m already hooked :slight_smile:

Ok, when you get to the last episode (or maybe before) , tell me which film it reminds you of … :o

I watched the first 6 episodes and loved the references to Linux and all the terminal stuff but there was one scene in one of the episodes that put me off it and i kinda lost interest but it’s a great well made series


Will do … may be a while though, I’m doing an episode a day.

Not on Netflix, I guess?

Dunno chemicalfan … but it’s on Kodi if you install the ChrisBWizard build (the Beast)

! No longer available

Mmm, I’m watching it on Amazon Prime … not that I want to plug Amazon (no really, I don’t want to plug Amazon as a company at all!) but for a fiver a month there’s a lot of great stuff on there …

Anyone seen or had a crack at this?

And this looks like a bit of a cyber security nightmare;

Damn that’s a small PC :-/

Dunno what to make of those hardware key loggers, I guess that’s been possible for some time now and except for the internal one they’re all kinda obvious except possibly where under desk PC’s in the workplace are concerned.
I mean give anyone physical access to your PC and you’ve always had to consider it suspect

The wireless one is a bit more of a worry as they don’t need to physically retrieve it, but at the same time it’s also advertising its presence (at least if you’re checking).

Mmm, my observations to date;

  • Many people never look at the back of their PC’s
    • Many people don’t even know which cables go in which sockets
    • Very few companies check who is using their WiFi
    • Offices are cleaned every night, generally unsupervised
      I have to think that the version that fits inside a keyboard would be undetectable generally, and if there was a wireless version of that, it would be a best-seller / company’s worst nightmare … :expressionless:

Yeah that little internal one is scary as hell … even alert techies wouldn’t spot that one … just a few seconds to replace a keyboard with a similar one and nobody would know. :o

Keep seeing adverts on TV for it now, god damn it :cry:

Wassup with Kodi ?

Haven’t had a chance to mess with it yet, maybe this weekend…