MS Windows woes!

I recently had trouble with my Andriod phone booting (it has a custom rom). So I thought I would flash another rom using odin. Odin only works with Windows so I had to download odin from a file sharing site. I used my wife’s lapotop which has vista and double clicked the Exe for Odin. No surprises then that I infected her laptop with all sorts of crap. flashing screen adverts for gambling and… Ahem… webcam stuff! I totally forgot how insecure Windows is because I use Linux so much. Two hours of reinstalling Vista and programs tells it’s own story!

Ouch :o

Two hours, is that it ? … took me a good 10 - 12 hours to do a Win7 PC the last time I did one, what with updates, then updates for the updates, then apps, then updates for the apps, then updates for win7 because of something the apps brought in, then updates for those updates.

And anyone who’s done it knows that’s not a joke, and each round of updates takes hours … and they MUST be done in the correct order becuase if you try to install the apps first, they’ll complain that you need to update Windows first ::slight_smile: