MSN Messenger

I have an old netbook with Linux Lite installed which my daughter now wishes to use.
It came with MSN messenger pre installed, however when she trys to add her friends she gets a message saying “server not supported” and her friends always appear offline.
Any ideas how to fix it?

There is no MSN messenger for Linux… the “Messenger” you’re talking about is probably either aMSN, Emesene, or Pidgin, etc.

From what I read, the original “Messenger” that came pre-installed in Linpus Lite Linux needed an update when Microsoft changed thier MSN protocols (circa 2008).

Have you ever run a full system update on your netbook ?

Thanks for coming back.
Yes Ive used Live Update to ensure everything is in order plus Ive down loaded the latest FF using this Forum.
Just checked again and its def loaded with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AIM.

First of all, are we talking about an Acer Aspire One ?

If so…

It may be “listed” as MSN, but AFAIK Microsoft never made a version of MSN for Linux.

IS the updater working ? because Fedora changed the repositories a while back and this effected Linpus Lite…

see here:

If you haven’t already done that… you could try it then try another system update.

If that still doesn’t work, you could try installing aMSN by following the instructions here:

but I cannot vouch for these instructions, and I don’t own an Acer Aspire One so I can’t test them… so I’m afraid it’s “at your own risk”.

Yes its a Acer Aspire One,
Tried the links but still no joy.
Thanks for trying.

Did aMSN install ?

If you installed it… right click on the desktop and look under multimedia, aMSN should be there.

or try opening a terminal, and enter:
and hit enter.