Multiple ISOs to Flash Drive.

Something I have been thinking about for a while.

Downloaded ISOs are in a home folder.

I normally use Unetbootin to transfer to USB Flash which works very well.

Is it possible to put more than one live O/S on to a flash drive and boot independently.

Purely for interest.


It’s a couple of years old, but this might do it -

Windows alternative, looks ok -

Thanks chemicalfan will have a good look at that.

Jocklad :slight_smile:

I always used MultiSystem:

Thanks Guys,

Will have a go at this in slow time.

Jocklad :slight_smile:

Was alright till I got to the Terminal.

What is the command to open it. :cry:


To run what ? … the install script, or MultiSystem after installing ?

When you double click the desktop Icon and execute in Terminal you get:

ben@ben-Dell-DV051 ~/Desktop $


If the install script is on your desktop, run:


Thanks Mark its now installed.


ਕੋਈ ਸਮੱਸਿਆ ਨਹੀ :slight_smile:

Not happy with this program.

Peppermint 5 freezing.

Have removed it.