Multiple Linux Distro's


I am currently an Ubuntu user. I have been dual booting with Windows 10 for about a year after I was being constantly annoyed about Windows 10’s general sluggish speed and ridiculous amounts of unnecessary processes running in the background generally slowing everything down.

However, my current SSHD is quite small and now full up with general Windows files and programs that I might still need to make use of at times (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc).

So I have a nice new shiny Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD on its way with a view to having a 4 way split (500gb per partition) so that I can have 4 Linux Distro’s that are bootable on switch on (current thoughts are Bodhi, Debian, Fedora and possibly Arch).

I tend to do a bit of everything (including learning Java and Python) but I have a view to look to take the LPCI-1 and beyond in the near future so I want to experience all that Linux has to offer.

What I am after is any help from those with more experience than me in case there is any pitfalls to my plan, or in general anything I need to make sure I do not do.

Any thoughts or help would be great.