Music help

I changed from windows to Ubuntu and when in windows media player all tracks had the correct tags and they are all correct in Exaile. When i copy some tracks to my mp3 player (Creative Zen) some of the tracks are fine yet some come up as unknown artist and album. Anyone know an easy way to fix this?

EasyTAG will scan ID3 tags and fix them either manually, or automatically… I’ve used it before :slight_smile:

sudo apt-get install easytag-aac

Test it first on backups of the files, before using it to scan and fix your whole music collection directory.

or you could check if these are any good to you





I tried using easytag but it comes up with a box with some code for the artist, song and album. When i did the code already in the box it started fixing all the album titles into the artist box. Do you know what code to put in e.g. %a%b %n - %t

Scroll down to just below 1.2.2, and 1.3.2

On there it shows it replaces the file name, is there any way it can just get the tags right but keep the file name the same? I have my music organised into folders of artist, then the albums then the files are the individual tracks. Is there a way to keey it like that?

I haven’t got a clue, I was just pointing you to some possibilities… if Windows tagged them in a non standard way, you’re going to have to experiment… just make sure to experiment on a backup/copy.

Can EasyTAG “read” the tags ? … if so, just save them again.

All the tags are there but when i copy the files to my MP3 player it comes up as unknown artist, I’ve no idea why

Does it do this from Windows too ?

It was fine when it was in windows because I used windows media player to update all my album info

I’m confused now… I thought you said you didn’t want them to be updated automatically.

when you copied them to the mp3 player from windows… could the mp3 player read the tags ?

What I’m getting at is… is this a Linux/Windows issue, or a problem with the way the mp3 player reads some tags.

I’d like it done automatically but easyTag changes the file name rather than the file info, when the files were copied from windows it read them fine