My acer one inspire won't "start"

I have had my computer for a very long time, and all of a sudden it doesn’t work. When i power on, i see “Acer Empowering People”, then a white blinking line, and thats it. What’s wrong?


You don’t say which Linux distribution you have installed … is it the defaut “Linpus Lite” ? … ie. does it look like this:-

I’m afraid that could mean any number of failures …

From something as simple as the boot device order being wrong in the BIOS

to something slightly more complex such as a file system or OS error

or something as drastic as a hardware failure such as dead/dying SSD or RAM

If you have access to a windows PC and a 2GB+ USB stick, I’d suggest creating a Peppermint 3 LiveUSB and seeing if you can boot to that … then we can go from there.

You’ll find instructions for creating/booting a Peppermint 3 LiveUSB in stage 1 here:

Do NOT move on to stage 2 (installing Peppermint) at this point, just check you can boot to the LiveUSB.

i thinks its the hard drive that is corrupted or has crushed. try to go to bios cmos settings and check if the hard drive is being detected

Bit suspicious of this posting, I get the feeling it’s purely SEO for the link in your profile, and we’ll never hear from you again … but as the posting contains no direct links, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now :slight_smile:

Who knows … maybe I’m wrong.