my favourite wallpapers

well heres one of mine

Current wallpaper … because I just can’t stop looking at it :slight_smile:

that looks so good it must be age restricted 18+ automotive porn :stuck_out_tongue:

i do like this one

this is a useful one knowing my less than perfect memory

my geeky bullied past in me likes this one

not that im bitter

i like this one too

I would up load, but my wallpaper changes almost more than the local girl can keep her knickers up. I’m guessing this is why my hard-drives are nearly full…

I’d rather not actually … I don’t want millions of attachments.

If anyone else wants to show their wallpaper, please upload to somewhere like Flickr then link to them with “[img]” tags.


My current WP.

Oooo … That’s nice 8)