my linux heros

  1. Linus Benedict Torvalds (who else at no 1)

  2. Eric Steven Raymond

  3. Richard Matthew Stallman

  4. Rob Malda

  5. Jean-Marc Merlin

this is only a few of the people behind the great open source platform i love and promote to outhers

note to self Richard Matthew Stallman would shoot you as not one mention of GNU after all we all use gnu/linux

linux is just a kernel

must look at the debian website to see if they are still working on gnu/hurd os

Mine tend to be people that have “personally” helped me out, like members of this and other forums, Mad Penguin, and a few others.

To me “Linux Heroes” are the people that freely and selflessly give their time helping total strangers further their Linux knowledge on a more personal level :slight_smile:

That doesn’t mean I don’t highly regard the people on your list … I just have a different definition of “Linux Hero” :wink:

i guess your right in witch case it has to be my mum who went the extra mile to take to exeter uni every tuesday night when i was 12 for night classes because i didnt want to join the football/cricket clubs

Now that’s a hero :slight_smile: … Mom’s are generally hero’s anyway, but that makes her a “Linux Hero” too.

oh and my maths teacher for putting up with me “helping” him build the school network after school in 1981 (would never got to grips with unix without him)

Surely its Mark Greaves ::slight_smile:

Thanks Toonman … but now it looks like I was fishing :wink:

;Ddo you think we could make an yearly award ceremony (the tux’es)

"and the nominations for linux hero 2012 are "


after a bit of thinking i put forward

mad Penguin


Mark Greaves

just because i’m a creep ;D

I’m beginning to regret saying it now … I meant others, I had selfish reasons for helping people … I do it to learn,and because I enjoy it, but the original idea was to learn by researching other peoples problems, as I was unlikely to come across them all myself.

That’s the way I learn best.

the fact you help outhers out when they are in trouble is close to what a hero is to me (your own reason for your action is neither here or there but i share the reasons when i help people if i can as you say its a nice way of learning things we might not outher wise) :slight_smile: