My Linux system stops booting at the splash screen.

I’ve tried nomodeset and nosplash but they didn’t fix my problem. The laptop completely discharged and since then Linux has stopped working. How can I fix this?

Welcome to the forum, Coder.

You haven’t provided very much information about your difficulty.
If your laptop (battery?) is completely discharged, then of course nothing will work. I guess this is your first problem: fix the charging of the battery. Then come back with more details of your system (laptop model, Linux version) and symptoms of the lack of function.


Hi coder and welcome!

As Keith says, we need much more info about your laptop and distro in order to help.

Plug in your charging cable and see if the battery indicator shows signs of the battery holding charge. If not, switch off, remove the battery and switch on again. The lappy ‘should’ fire up from there - at least into the POST sequence.

If it boots successfully, open a terminal and see below*

If it shows no sign of booting, switch off and plug in the medium you used originally to load Linux on to the lappy (USB drive or DVD? NB: you may have to enter your BIOS to change the boot order to allow such medium to be 1st in the list). If that runs, go to ‘Try Linux’ (or similar) and then open a terminal.

*Copy and paste this command into terminal

inxi -Fx 

then copy and paste the results into your post.

Hopefully, this will give us some idea of where the problem lies :wink: