My Planet Peppermint Wallpaper (evolving)

Planet Peppermint

Added a small moon

(Click image for 2560x1600 version)

Anodized Aluminium version with tighter striping

(Click image to enlarge)

Newest version

(Click any of the pictures for a 2560x1600 version)

Previous version (fixed texture layer, added emboss layer for candy stripes)

Older version (broken planet texture layer … bumps just off the planet at 10 o’clock)

Even older version (no planet texture, Kendalls layer and lens flare too dark)

The embossed layer look great, looking forward to the new release

on that subject, no I’m not gonna ask when it will be released I know you must be sick of hearing that, but can you tell me will I need to do a fresh install or will I just be able to upgrade ?

ps any idea when it will be released ? :slight_smile:


You know better than to ask that :wink:

Yes I’m afraid you’ll need to do a fresh install.

Anodized Aluminium version added (top of page) :slight_smile:

Better or worse ?

Better or worse ?

Better because it’s sharper and it takes away that fuzzy texture effect for want of a better explanation :slight_smile:


There’s a slight imperfection in one of the layers … but I’m already trying an aluminium ball with more embossing, but without the weirdness at the point the stripes meet (which is what you’re talking about ?)

(which is what you're talking about ?)

Yes the texture is more like a tennis ball than a peppermint, but apart from that I just prefer the smoother image and besides don’t you think the fuzzy image looks out of place in a cosmic environment ?

Yeh I think you’re right … I was going with

a) an atmosphere layer
b) motion blur which was “supposed” to infer motion

But yeh, the crisper edges work better … as does the aluminium rather than rocky texture … and as it’s no longer a planet as such I did away with the atmosphere too :slight_smile:

Just learning as I go (hence the “evolving” in the title) … it’s all new to me … but bloody good fun.

You’re doing a grand job Mark to be honest any of them would be a huge improvement on the last one :slight_smile:

I take it you mean the PM3 wallpaper … that blew chunks, sucked em back in, and blew them again :o

BTW, this is NOT an official Peppermint wallpaper … just me playing.

I didn’t want to elaborate too much in case it was your work :slight_smile:

but honestly that was something only a blood spatter analyst could appreciate.

I don’t want to sound patronising but in my honest opinion I think your planet theme would make a great default wallpaper


I’m not 100% sure what they’re doing with the default wallpaper … but this is here if you choose to use it.

Hey so I know I’m way late to the party…I’m assuming all Peppermint 4 beta tester opportunities are gone? I saw the thing when it was first offered, but at the time I wasn’t able to do any testing.

Just FYI I’ve got a Lenovo S10-3 I’d be testing it on.

If I can’t, could you at least give some kind of ballpark as to when it would be released? :slight_smile:

Beta testing is pretty much over … no show stoppers discovered … so SOON :slight_smile:

All I’m allowed to say is historically it’s been May/June … and I can see no reason that won’t apply to 4 … so SOON :wink:

The official spin from Team Peppermint is it will be released when it’s ready, probably early June.

Personally I think Mark knows exactly when it’s to be released but he’s not telling anyone because he’s mean and heartless :slight_smile:

I’m neither denying or confirming Emegra’s suspicions … Mwuhahahaha :slight_smile:

If I did, (as the saying goes) I’d then have to kill you … and that would involve far too much travelling :slight_smile: