My Weather indicator (Resolved)

Hi I am using Linux mint 17.3 64bit with a mate desktop.

I have been using this desktop weather app for some years with no problems.

From about a week ago it fails to start when I log in… the setting are set to start when I log in.

I have tried uninstalling and and reinstalling but the problem remains.

I have also tried starting the program manually which often requires me to launch the program 5 or 6 times before the program starts.

I’m at a loss to see what the problem is… any help please.

What happens if you start it from the terminal ?

Seems to work OK from a terminal.

Maybe try autostarting it with a 10 second delay:

bash -c "sleep 10 ; <command to start app>"

Tried this and started OK today will see what happens for a few days before posting as resolved.


Okey dokey :slight_smile: