Mythtv setup

Hi guys

Hi guys this is connected to a previous post (Betamax blues) but I thought it would be beter to start a new thread.

I’m trying to install Mythtv on Peppermint 6 I’ve downloaded Mythtv from the repos,

according to youtube videos I’ve watched all I need to do is open Mythv Backend to set up the mysql server but when I do that I get a screen to select country and language then on the next screen I’m told Mythtv can’t connect to the database as per screenshot
if I click Next I’m taken back to the language/country screen so I’m going round i circles, I don’t know anything about mysql and it could be I need to install some other packages.

any help or advice would be much appreciated


Installing mythtv should have brought in mysql as a dependency

have you tried using mythtv as the database password ?

if that doesn’t work, you may need to set up the database manually … see here: