Nautilus - File extensions?

Most likely an odd ball question, but how do I tell Nautilus to show file extensions? Not file type, but your “.txt, .zip,” etc.

It’s all changed since I last Ubuntu Natty xD

If their Linux files, they probably don’t have them.
Is it Ubuntu 14.04 you’re running?

As chemicalfan says, Linx doesn’t necessarily se file “extensions” it gets file type with “magic numbers” … so a text file can have a .txt extension or NOT and it’ll still be recognised as a text file.

So often people just don’t add the extension.

Or are you saying the extension exists, it’s just being hidden ?

Yeah just updated to 14.04. It’s not particularly for Linux files. More really for general files, like photos, etc. :slight_smile:

I like being able to see the file extension rather than them being hidden.

but are they being “hidden” … or do they just not exist ?

If you download this file:

what is it called on your 14.04 system ?


Linux doesn’t hide extensions … in fact it completely ignores them, reading them only as part of the file “name”.

It wouldn’t make sense for it to hide them because these are perfectly valid file names
both of which can be text files or say images … they’re recognised by “magic number” not extension

Upon looking at files from my backup hard-drive seems the script I was trying to run didn’t have a extension…

That’s embarrassing… ::slight_smile:

Happens to us all, and you have been away on the dark side for a while, so are probably back to the Windows way of thinking :wink:

I have to admit, after installing 14.04 I was quite surprised at the leaps and bounds the driver support has came.

Instantly picked up my mobo peripherals, and wireless headset. Quite the feat.

Now to make it pick up my graphics tablet… (but that’s for a different thread).

What version were you on last (before the foray back to the dark side) ?

And had “steam” done their thing yet ?

Last version I used was Natty. Just as they were implementing Unity. I still dislike Unity. I’m think about switching to MATE or XFCE/LXDE… really can’t decide. MATE looks promising.

New release of Linux Mint MATE came out today (Mint 17.1), comes with a choice of 2 window managers - MATE’s new lightweight one, and Compiz with the whizzy flashy stuff it has :slight_smile:

You might like to have a nosy at Ubuntu Gnome - which I am running on a desktop… (14.04) quite pleased with it, and reasonably similar to 10.04 still running on my old laptop.

I HATE unity, largely because of physical disability I find it nearly impossible and painful to “drive”, :-X and so its Gnome for me ;D