Need help on Beaglebone Black

Hello everyone, i’m new to the forum and hope to have some “real” help.

I’m not at all a linux expert but i purchaced this little Beaglebone to install a repository cloned from Github.
(Libetech from the author Jeremy Blum).
I managed to install de Beagle on my Mac and ssh is not a problem as i can see him in terminal.
But my problem is how to install that repository on the beaglebone ?? i tried git clone https …remote url.git but i have errors.
Tried opkg install and still no luck.
Can someone really do some step by step help ? i’m sorry but linux is new to me :wink:

if this is the GitHub page:

I haven’t got a beaglebone, so I can’t test this … but here goes…

SSH into the beaglebone, then create a directory to clone the git repository into:

mkdir libetech

change to that directory:

cd libetech

then clone the repository:

git clone

change directory to the LibeTech-QR-Entry directory:

cd LibeTech-QR-Entry

and read the file


now if you have python installed, you should be able to start it with: