Need more help with Epson-355 printer

Hi Mark,
I am back again with this printer.
I carried out your original instructions and the printer prints ok.
But the scanner doesn’t work, when I try to scan from the printer/scanner to the computer it produces an error :-

Communication error. Check the connection.

I have been ignoring this for a while now and have just the the Windows computer and the Brother printer to do my scanning but it is beginning to irk me that I purchased this NEW printer/scanner and I have failed to get it working to my satisfaction.
I believe the manufacturer spends more on research finding ways to stop the use alien printing ink cartridges than they do on making a useful printer that can be used/set up by idiots like me.
Rant ober, hope you can help.

Don W

Can you point me to the instructions you followed so I can see what you did ?

Re: HELP needed to install Epson XP-355 wireless printer AGAIN
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Go to
Menu > Settings > Printers

right-click on any listed printers and click “Delete”

When you have NO printers left, go here
and search for

you now need to download the files
and double-click them to install them.

Once installed, go back to
Menu > Settings > Printers
and click “Add”

Step through the installation … when it prompts you to choose a driver, select

Epson > XP-352 355 > Epson XP-352 355 Series - epson-inkjet-printer-escpr 1.6.31-1lsb3.2 (Seiko Epson Corporation LSB 3.2) [en] (recommended)
Mark, this was the post I followed although the versions 1.6 are now 1.7. Thanks

Are we still talking about Peppermint 9 64bit ?

If so run:

mkdir ~/ImageScan


cd ~/ImageScan




tar xvf imagescan-bundle-ubuntu-18.04-3.57.0.x64.deb.tar.gz


cd ~/ImageScan/imagescan-bundle-ubuntu-18.04-3.57.0.x64.deb


sudo ./

then look for “Image Scan” in the main menu … probably at:-

Menu > Graphics > Image Scan

If Image Scan doesn’t work, how is your printer/scanner attached to the PC ?

Thanks Mark,
I carried out your suggestions and the scan facility is now working. I have the computer connected by the USB cable and all is now well.
Thanks AGAIN for your help.

take care
Don W

You’re most welcome Don :slight_smile: