Need opinions.

My birthday is shortly coming up, and my mothers asked me what I want. I’ve told her an NAS so she told me to go on the hunt. Being that little bit older, and having such a big family, I’m limited to 50 quid, haha. Not that it bothers me, just means my options are fairly limited so here’s what I’ve got.

a) I can see if I can snag a complete NAS off ebay for cheap beans.

b) I can buy a used Buffalo Linkstation NAS enclosure and then buy a seperate HDD for about a tenner.

The only real options I see if I’m honest. Unless someone else has a suggestion?

The NAS doesn’t have to be super-fast, just able to back-up my stuff and store things on. Once I find a job, the laptop & NAS will be going into reserve and I’ll be starting to build my own Linux Beast or 4… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wanting too for years, just do an extreme PC build, and I plan to document it here, right on these forums. :smiley: but only when I’ve got income, haha.

There is a third option (even cheaper):
If you or your family have a disused (obsolete PC) then you can turn it into a headless server.
Not the prettiest solution but it works,
As an example I am running an old Celeron 400mhz beige box with Ubuntu server edition installed.
I only added a new HDD for storage (still using the original 6.4gb drive for the OS).

Using it as a SAMBA server will do what a NAS does and give you an opportunity to practice on setting it up
(in preparation for your monster build).

I haven’t got a disused PC sadly, but I do have a 200gb IDE harddrive.

If you are not intending to share and willing to re-use the 200gb IDE hardrive
then why not just go for a usb external enclosure for now:
(just an example)

Forget the Linkstation enclosure unless you want a headache … check the Buffalo forums for how to change the drive … it CAN be done, but t’s not simple.

I quite like SeZo’s suggestions … £50 will buy you a decent beige box for a server that can do everything a NAS can do (and more) including media streaming with minidlna … slightly heavier on electricity, and slightly noisier though.

Or if you’re not going to be storing files for access by other PC’s on the network … just get a cheap USB enclosure for your 200GB HDD and some beer :slight_smile:

Media streaming doesn’t really bother me tbh, I just need something with network acess to store my files on. That way if I’m on holiday, I can grab 'em from my lappy when not at home. But thinking about it i could actually buy a beige box, and another HDD if I look deep enough.

I don’t want an external if I’m honest, even though it’s portable and all, it isn’t for me.

Beige box it is then :slight_smile:

You seriously don’t want minidlna to serve media to (at least) your Xbox/PS3 ?

Honestly… not really. XD I usually stream BBC iPlayer, 4OD from the PS3, don’t even use my Xbox anymore. It’s a hunky piece of MS sh**.
If I watch movies, I usually watch them through VLC on the lappy so nah, not really, haha.

I didn’t realise I could pick up a fully-functional tower for around 30 quid with a decent CPU and around 1GB of RAM. Some even come with a 80/120GB HDD! :o
Looks like I’ll be buying a couple of extra HDDs, haha. I’m greedy I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I watch movies, I usually watch them through VLC on the lappy so nah, not really, haha.

I would have thought that was a waste of the laptops resources … and precisely what a NAS or server was for … and has the added benefit of serving them to ANY device. ???

But hey, it’s your call :slight_smile:

Well usually what happens is, I download them to my laptop, then I’ll dump them on the storage HDD incase I want to watch them later in the future. :stuck_out_tongue: Just my complicated way of doing things.

So attach the “Storage” HDD to the server, and use minidlna to share them.

minidlna barely uses any system resources … plus it will also be possible to get the server to download them when the laptop is OFF

I plan too, haha. My laptop is rarely ever off.

So tomorrow I’m going to pick up a box to act as my NAS. The guy is only 15 minutes away which is a bonus, and I got it for £15 which isn’t bad.

Intel Celeron CPU (32-bit)
40GB HDD + My spare that’s in the cupboard
CD drive, etc.

Some photos:

Good bargin I think… only time will tell. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’ve got Ubuntu 9.10 installed just now. (Blast from the past I know!)

I managed to swap the PSU for the one from my old box, which has SATA power connectors on it, so that I could use my SATA CD Writer since it didn’t come with one.

Also found a 2GB RAM stick which I put in beside the 1GB stick already there, although system monitor only reports that 1.8GiB is being detected. I understand you shouldn’t mix RAM sticks, but it fits so it’s going in.

I’ve 4 HDDs waiting here to be plugged into this box. A mixer of IDE & SATA which is fine since the box supports both.

40GB 3.5" IDE (Came with the box)
200GB 3.5" IDE
80GB 3.5" IDE
250 2.5" SATA

Although My PSU with the SATA connectors only has one IDE power connector and the rest are SATA, there’s like 6/7 of them, so I’ll need to find a small, powerful PSU that has about 6/7 power connectors split between IDE & SATA fairly.