Need some help please.

Ok last few days been trying to install eve on linux, using wine, anyway after all the madness and stress my laptop cant handle it and i basically i want to uninstall wine and all of the wine apps so it disapears of my application bars, at the moment i tried unisnstalling the apps off of wine but theere still listed which anoys me. so basically i just want to start over. all the apps were eve related, and to be honest at the moment i dont even need wine. it would be helpful if you could give me thigns to copy and paste into terminal, i tried going into the synaptic package manager to uniinnstall like google people said but it just confuses me. kinda too angry at the moment to think straight.

Ok, you can edit your menu’s by right-clicking the word Applications on your top panel, and selecting Edit Menus

Now delete the folders for the applications you don’t want listed (or just un-tick them, which leaves them there but they won’t be displayed in the menu)

From Wine>Programs (ie. click the “+” symbol next to Wine in the left hand panel, click Programs, delete all the installed application folders in the right hand panel)
Then close the menu editor.
(Hint - don’t just remove the whole Wine menu item)

Now to remove anything you’ve installed in WINE… in a terminal enter:

rm -r ~/.wine

now to reconfigure WINE ready for first use again… back in the terminal enter:


Click “OK

Done :slight_smile:

i got this from the 1st command

rm: remove write-protected regular file `/home/martin/.wine/drive_c/windows/assembly/Desktop.ini’?

doesnt look right

entering the 2nd command just bring up the config box from apps/wine/configure wine

OK make that command:

sudo rm -r ~/.wine

make sure you type this exactly as shown (probably best to copy and paste)

and if it asks again, say yes by typing y and hitting enter.

The second command WILL just start the wine configuration window… it also recreates an empty ~/.wine diretory, which you just deleted with the first command, so wine is ready to be used again.

this is what happened next

myuser:P:~$ sudo rm -r ~/.wine
[sudo] password for secret:
myuser:P:~$ sudo rm -r ~/.wine
rm: cannot remove `/home/secret/.wine’: No such file or directory

after the first go and putting in the PW i expected it to run some numbers or something just did nothing for a sec then came up at the start then i tried again i think it worked?

if you typed:
sudo rm -r ~/.wine
and it returned
rm: cannot remove `/home/your_user_name/.wine’: No such file or directory
then the ~/.wine directory is gone :slight_smile:

now run the second command and click OK

your done…all the apps you installed in wine are gone, and wine is back to how it was when you first installed it.

Linux commands don’t always tell you what they’re doing unless there’s a problem… they just return you to a prompt.

if you wanted the rm command to report what it’s doing, you would have needed to add the -v (verbose) option, so the command would have been:
sudo rm -rv ~/.wine

Above command explained
sudo = run with root permission
rm = remove
-rv = options “r” recursive (everything in the directory too) “v” verbose (show what’s happening)
~ = (current users) home directory… saves typing /home/username
/.wine = directory to remove

woot! cheers mate. wow your teaching me commands i gots a headache now :stuck_out_tongue: im slowly learning, but its better to make these mistakes on my laptop before i go get my desktop. i take it you dont sleep either :smiley: thanks again

If you want to know what a command does… in a terminal type:

So to find out what the cp command does, and all the options etc.

man cp

man = manual… also works for (most) installed apps, such as

man wine


man nautilus

(You’ll hear people talking about the man pages… this is what they mean)

You can also do:
for a shorter version
as in

info mv


BTW, to exit the man or info page without closing the terminal, just hit the “Q” key.

Be Aware - Be careful with Linux commands such as rm (specially when used with sudo)… it won’t ask your permission like windows, it won’t prompt you in any way… it will just carry out the command… so unless you’re careful you could do some REAL damage.

BTW, if you’re having problems understanding how Synaptic works, there’s a good tutorial/explanation here:

or you could download and read Getting started with Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)