Need to know which hardware Linux supports?

Sometimes when installing a Linux distro things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes there may be something like a printer that hasn’t been given driver support yet, or maybe the newest hardware like a new graphics card or something and you need to find something that is supported.

Well your in luck then, LinuxHCL is a nice big list with everything supported. They even went to the trouble of splitting them into different categories.

Awesome, cheers dude!

This will come in handy when upgrading my systems.

I find list like these handy as a reference but not to be taken on their own merit … thingss change pretty quickly so they’re pretty much always out of date … only contain hardware you can no longer get and may not even be supported any more, or which is broken in the kernel.

They are a starting point … but still use google for other peoples experiences on your distro of choice :wink:

To be honest I have rarely come across any major problems getting hardware to work in Linux, nothing that has a been a show stopper.

My current keyboard has some multimedia keys which I haven’t even tried to get working in Arch, but I never use them anyway.

The only problem I had which caused some annoyance was the sound on my new laptop when i was running Fedora 14. At startup I had to run a command to enable the sound. I used a script on start up to do this because I kept forgetting. I have since changed distros a couple of times I haven’t had any other problems.

As Mark says you can use these lists as a guide but you will be able to find help with any problems online.

I’d agree, 95% of stuff will “just work”, another 4% can be made to work, and a small amount won’t … but that’s no different to Windows, and obviously better than Mac :slight_smile:

The only problem with these lists are they tend to be used by people looking for peripheral support before they purchase (wifi cards and the like) … most peripherals have short manufacturing runs, so are probably no longer available by the time tehy appear on these lists :o

They can be handy for second hand equipment … but even then, just because something WAS supported doesn’t mean it still IS … things get dropped, and things get broken in newer kernels and may not get fixed.

They are NOT a guarantee of support … that was my point … good starting point but don’t take them as gospel.