Needs some (noob) help with choosing which Linux to use


I hope someone can help me to start off in the right direction, choosing just one or a few Linux distributions that I will explore. I work with sound art, music, audio and I also live stream. Obviously I am shooting I bit in the dark so I am very grateful if someone at least can suggest where I should be asking.

I am setting up Linux on two old desktops and if I get it to work also on an even older laptop. Desktops has Intel core duo, 2gb ram and 150gb HD. Laptop is a pentium M, 2006.

I am choosing between Mint versions or Ubuntu, 32 bit or 64 bit. If it is a good idea I could have several OS on each computer.

Desktop one would be used mainly as an always on streaming computer using OBS studio software. I may add some audio recording software too. And maybe simple video editing.

Desktop two would be a experimental audio machine. Main software would be PureData and some other sound synthesis software. I may put Windows xp on it too to be able to use some old software.

Laptop I can wait with for now, but it will have xp in it also.

I hope to choose a Linux version that will allow me to use as much recources I can from the old hardware without having to spend many hours on finding custom solutions just to make it work. Then I rather sacrifice a bit of power to be able to spend less time tweaking Linux. See what I mean?


Peppermint 10 would be my suggestion.

Based on Ubuntu 18.04 (as is Mint) so supported until 2023, but lighter than both Ubuntu and Mint.

I should admit at this point that I’m the team lead at Peppermint, so make of that what you will :wink:

After Peppermint I’d probably go for Xubuntu or Mint Xfce … in other words the Xfce versions of Ubuntu and Mint.
(both of which will be lighter than the main versions with Gnome and Cinnamon)



thanks a lot for the reply!

I will digest this and maybe return with some more questions.

Would you suggest a 32 bit or 64 bit system with the hardware I have?


Both the Core2Duo and the Pentium M are 64bit processors, and 32bity is disappearing in the Linux world quickly … there are a lot of apps that are now 64bit only, for example Chrome…

If on the other hand that is a CoreDuo (not a Core2Duo) it might require 32bit.


Basically try a 64bit ISO first … if it’ll boot, install it … if it won’t boot, try the 32bit ISO.