Networking help.

Ok, I’m not sure if anyone on the forum (other than myself), owns a PS3/Xbox360, but I’m needing somewhat networking help. In windows, I would be able to connect my PS3/Xbox360 to the internet via the ethernet, using the laptops wireless connection. (Microsoft used a thing called ICS or Internet Connection Sharing…to allow the PS3/Xbox360 to use the laptop like a router) To help those who seem confused I’ll draw out a diagram.

PS3/Xbox > connects to laptop via ethernet > Laptop > connects to router via wireless > Router.

Now I want to achieve this using Ubuntu, only this time instead of being connected to the internet through a router, I’m using my mobile phones modem using the DUN port via bluetooth. So my question is, how do I connect my PS3/Xbox 360 using a ethernet cable plugged into the laptop to connect to the internet via my mobile which is connected to the internet via bluetooth?.. If I plug my PS3 to the laptop, the laptop will recognise it, and then disconnect from it after 4/5secs. Help?

OK, this assumes you are sharing the Wired connection (eth0), and are connected to your router by wireless (wlan0).

Right click the Network Manager icon on the top panel (by clock), and select Edit Connections.

In the resulting Window, select the Wired tab

Select the eth0 (or Auto eht0 or whatever the one you want to share is called) connection, and select Edit

Select the IPv4 tab.

Change the Method: to

Method: Shared to other computers

Click Save.

More info here:


It’s the same for any type of internet connection… the only network interface you change (Method:) is the shared one… so on the setup with the phone, that would still be the wired interface (eth0).

Will try this out later Mark, thanks a lot :smiley: