New base unit

My trusty laptop is starting to over heat and tire. It’sing to throw out warning messages and working slowly. I am looking to replace with a base unit and Monitor. The monitor is not an issue but I am struggling to find a 4gb smallish base unit (4gb, 64bit) that will run the latest Linux distro’s and have a dual boot Windows partition. Does any one have a list of embarrassingly cheap suppliers of base units?

I’ve successfully installed Win7/Ubuntu onto 2 of thee previous models of this:

(be aware, there’s NO OS with that_

It’s no gamer, but there’s nothing stopping you aadding a better graphics card if necessary … and they’re not the quietest PC on the market … but OK as aq general purpose PC for the price.

It really depends what your requirements are, and how much you have to play with ?

Thanks Mark. I will check that out.

You could check out the CCL Elite Buzzard III Gaming PC
Although I never bought any, the ability to customise the kit is a bonus (specially that you can choose not to have any OS on it) and price wise not that steep.

That’s a nice spec and more upgradeable that the one I mentioned.

less RAM
smaller HDD
Better CPU with more cores and hardware virtualisation (AMD-V)
better graphics

4GB is plenty to be going on with … and the HDD can always be upgraded later

A nice CPU for the price.

if you have the extra £70, I’d give this serious consideration.

Thanks, another option.