New BetFred advert

I was typing away with the TV on, and the new BetFred advert blaring away in the background … to my surprise I hear “for PC, Mac, and Linux”

I think that’s quite possibly the first time I’ve heard the word “Linux” used on national television … even though it’s yet another gambling advert, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Linux mentioned on an equal footing with PC and Mac :slight_smile:

Indeed Linux is really the only OS mentioned by name, PC and Mac are hardware :slight_smile:

It’s this a piece of native software then?
I always thought those things were browser based and as such the os is irrelevant.
But nice to know that big names know Linux exists.

I have no idea what the software is … just surprised to hear the word “Linux” come outa my TV :slight_smile:

A sign of things to come

Linux will never attain the popularity of Microsoft Windows but it’s growing slowly but surely in spite of the commercial power Microsoft wields against it but Microsoft like every empire in human history will die and when it does Linux will still be standing

I’ve been using Linux for about 4 years and in that time I’ve converted 8 people to Linux simply by suggestion I’ve never pushed it and not once has any of these people turned back and I would guess that almost everyone on this forum has converted at least 1 person to Linux

I’ve read often that Linux usage is around one percent, I don’t believe that and it looks like Betfred doesn’t believe it either


Well you could have knocked me over with a feather( if I weren’t already seated). I’ve just seen an advert for Football Manager 2015 advertised for PC, Mac and Linux. I even rewound it to make sure they hadn’t made a mistake and there it was in writing.

Cool… maybe the planets are finally aligning :slight_smile:

LOL! I haven’t converted anyone to Linux yet, but there is still time… ;D