NEW BIG CHeapo Chinese 64gb micro SD not writing

Got a pretty cheapo Chinese micro SD, reformated from an 8 gb (don’t ask me how) on Brit Ebay, and don’t bother- it’s pretty junky. Shows alternately 14gb used and 48 free or vice versa, in Windows XP maybe 8gb more space. Also 64gb is supposed to be in the new exFAT file system, but this is still FAT32, I think, installed fixes on both XP and Ubuntu. Buy a real 32gb, don’t go for this crap.

Anyway in Ubuntu- again, though, says Mako4 has all permissions and is the owner, BUT it is not letting me write to it. Before, Mark you said something about running CheckDisc in WINDOWS but I’m afraid that will just delete big files (which think it did before). I moved them to it to create space and deleted them. Is there anyway with CHMOD to just force it to allow writing.

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What - no ideas?

I downloaded latest CLAMAV to scan my flash drives on girls Ubuntu 12.4: clamav-0.98.1.tar.gz

It is in home folder, but apt-get install IT doesn’t work. What is the right command?

I can’t really help with your problem but just so you don’t feel un loved, this might not be a problem with the card.
I was recently gifted a genuine Samsung 32GB Micro sdhc and when trying to write to it via a card reader it will randomly tell me the card is write only, disconnect then reconnect, but when reconnected it can’t be written to. I have to physically unplug it and re connect for it to be ok.

I was planning on steering clear of this topic so I don’t get the blame for any lost data.

There are AFAIK only 2 ways an SDCard can have its capacity changed

  1. Flash the firmware to report the wrong capacity
  2. Flash the firmware to re-enable chips that were disabled because they were faulty.

Both of which could cause data corruption and/or loss … so ANYTHING you do with this card is totally AT YOUR OWN RISK … I will not be held responsible if you loose data, or the card completely fails.

With the card inserted, what’s the output from:



Is that for the OP?
I haven’t got any issues, I was just passing on my experience with a new card.

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Yeah, it was for mako6