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A random but nonetheless important thought just entered my head which is we will have to change the title of the site when Scotland goes independent, (as Scotland will no longer be part of the UK) so instead of “If You Use Linux in The UK This Site Is For You” may I suggest a change to something like “If You Use Linux in Scotland and Other Lesser Parts of The British Isles This Site Is For You”

I am of course open to suggestions however I do feel mine is quite appropriate :slight_smile:


Nah … If there’s a YES vote, it just means users from Scotland will be treated the same as Filipino shoe salesmen

In other words you’ll be added to my “no warnings, just immediately ban on first offence” list :wink:

You can’t have it both ways, you’re either in or out … Mwuhahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Well If that’s what you think of Scotland and the Scottish people…Mark.

i have no option but to leave this Forum.

Thank you for all your help in the past .

Would Forum Admin please delete my forum Membership

Good Bye.


Good god … did you really just say that :o

And you really can’t see the humour in both the original posting and my response ?

Jeez … he actually deleted his own account ???

How the hell can anyone NOT see the humour in this topic … I figured the nature of the original posting and the wink and Mwuhahaha in my response would have been enough of a hint ???

Oh well…

Well If that's what you think of Scotland and the Scottish people...Mark. i have no option but to leave this Forum.

Yes … the words “humourless” and “idiot” come to mind, seriously “no option but to leave” ?! Talk about cutting your nose off … !!

For the record, given the choice I’d vote “yes” in a heartbeat and indeed given the vote here in Wales, “yes” again. What I really don’t understand is why the “yes” campaign isn’t scoring numbers up in the 90%+ bracket, unless you’re a part of the government or have shares in BP, I can’t think of a reason to vote “no”. And to be honest, there’s already a Scottish government (and Welsh, and N Irish) , are they seriously going to drop the “UK” terminology just because the Scotts are getting to control their own taxes?! Apart from Cameron getting arsey I can’t think of a good reason to go there … (just think of all the websites and stationary that would need to change!)

Ok, so I was going to make a humorous comment about the Scottish sense of humour and their Rugby team but on reflection I’ll skip it … :wink:

Don’t know why I’m doing this, I would have thought it pretty obvious, but just in case…

For anyone else that may misread the tone of this topic - Emegra and I quite often “take the p*ss” out of each others “nationality”, it’s friendly banter and nothing more … I’m in no way anti Scot, and he’s not anti English.

Let me be clear, Emegra can and does give as good as he gets, and I fully expect him to call me a morris dancing idiot, then I’ll say something about football and we’ll have a good laugh about it :slight_smile:

If anyone should have got their knickers in a twist, maybe it should have been the Filipino shoe salesmen :wink:

If anyone should have got their knickers in a twist, maybe it should have been the Filipino shoe salesmen

Yeah, but that’ll never happen - you already banned them all (!)


Damn … I’m gonna have to stop reading this forum whilst drinking, I’m drenched :slight_smile:

I cannot believe Jocklad did that

When I read his post I thought he was joking as well

I only made the post because I was bored and wanted to stir things up a bit, I did expect some backlash (in fact I was banking on it) but I didn’t see that coming

Sorry I made the post now :frowning:



in case you come back and view this anonymously or whatever Marks comments were NOT anti Scottish and not intended to insult or offend anyone do you think if he was anti Scottish he would have given the help he’s given to both of us, it was just a bit of friendly banter you’ll find the definition here Banter Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

So come back you can re-register with a different name if you like because I’ll be the only Scot left on this forum and all these English Bas@@@ds will pick on me :slight_smile:


Good God! Can’t believe how sensitive some folk are. How can anyone take offence at what was so obviously all tongue in cheek! Graeme more than gives as good as he gets, and long may it continue. Mark, carry on the great work you do, and keep up the banter.


If Jocklad is reading, err hi - apparently you need to watch South Park to get this generation…
Welcome to 2014…??

On the actual vote - I think the Scots would be crazy to vote yes, you only have to look at the accounts to see that! Any businessman will tell you that it’s all about the P&L/I&E!!

Me too.

Anyway back to Computer matters.

Why is this feckin sudo apt-get update not working…?


Oops…It helps if you go online :‘( :’( :cry:

Ben, good to see your back, :slight_smile:


Now THAT is commitment to the bit!

Just to clarify with regards to Filipino shoe salesmen, Mark isn’t being an anti-Filipino racist, as I recall we did actually have a problem with Filipino Shoe salesmen spamming ads onto this forum - and they did have to be banned! (as opposed to Flipin shoe salesmen, the difference is you can identify Filipino shoe salesmen by IP address …)

On a completely separate note, I’ve just noticed something very interesting about filesystem behaviour in the event of a power outage.
Under normal circumstances a filesystem will append blocks to the end of a file, then (separately) update a file’s metadata.
If the power is removed from a box, the last block appended to a file will typically be padded with zero’s, but you’ll never see the zero’s because the out-of-date meta data will tell you the file is actually smaller than it is, and the last bit of data written to the file will effectively be invisible.

However, when “fsck” runs, it will likely recover that last file block (because it will be physically linked to the file’s block list, which is updated before the file’s meta-data) and re-write the meta data to include the last block, including the data and the zero padding, so you will effectively end up with a bunch of binary zero’s on the end of your file. (fsck works with 4096 blocks and had no concept of the proportion of a block that was actually used)

Generally this won’t cause a problem as structured data like MySQL all works off pointers and won’t rely on appending to the end of a file, it will know internally how big the file “should” be and work from there … however any system that relies on simply appending to the end of a file can expect to see a bunch of zero’s on the end of the file following a power outage, IF the file was being written to during the outage.

So, if you’ve ever noticed a wierd bunch of “^@” symbols in your syslog file following a crash or a reboot - now you know where it comes from !!
(and if you ever write code that relies on appending to the end of a file - don’t !!)

Are you saying there’s a risk fsck will actually recover corrupt data and and append it to a file that would have only lost data, therefore corrupting what would have effectively been a working file (albeit with a bit missing) ?

So, if you've ever noticed a wierd bunch of "^@" symbols in your syslog

And here was I thinking the Linux syslog was protecting me from bad language.