New install ubuntu 10.10

Hi all, I’m new to linux but I’ve been meaning to move across for years as Microsoft are a pain. So when my computer died I decided to install ubuntu (after looking through the advice on this great forum i might add, lol)

No problems until I got to the ‘Who are you?’ page and it won’t activate the forward button. I left it for a few hours and now it’s gone back to ‘getting the time from a network server…’ on the command line bit.

Is there a command I can use to get it to finish installing?

I should add this is a 4 year old dell desktop, previously windows xp. I’m trying to install on a new hard-drive before i rescue my data from the old one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


PS. I’ve done a bit of programming so I’m not completely computer illiterate, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert… :slight_smile:

Did the name and password you entered get accepted as valid (green tick) ?

the password has to meat certain criteria… I think they are - it must have at least 6 digits, and it must include a number, but could be wrong.

if the password meets the criteria, an green tick will appear to the right.

It will NOT allow you to move forward until these fields ALL have green ticks.

If they ALL have green ticks, I’d try burning the LiveCD again.

or you could try installing with the “Alternate Install” CD, from here:

It tells me how strong the password is but even a strong password won’t make it proceed. The person name doesn’t have a tick but the computer name is accepted. nothing has a cross anyway.

Do have to use a cd or can I use a USB flash drive to boot from?

Thanks for the quick response

see here:

this will work for 10.10 too.

Download the ISO from here:

and continue from step-2 of the first link.

not sure you noticed but those two links are the same…

anyway, I tried it again and it got stuck on the same page. So I reprogrammed the flash drive using the links you posted and now it won’t recognise the flash drive to boot from… I get ‘No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found! - boot:’

any suggestions?

Links edited :wink:

Have a look on the USB stick and see if there is a folder called isolinux… if there is, rename it syslinux

You also need to rename 2 files INSIDE that folder

isolinux.bin → syslinux.bin
isolinux.cfg …> syslinux.cfg

If they are already called syslinux… try another USB stick.

Did you try the Alternate install CD… if so did you hit the same issue as the LiveCD ?

If you still have issues, can you supply some info about your hardware.

It turned out I’d asked it to capitalise my username (without thinking about it) and that’s what was giving it the heebie jeebies. It’s all sorted now. I’m really looking forward to learning my way around.

Thanks very much for all your help