New install will not shut down

I am new to Linux and this forum so please bear with me.
Just installed Linux on Dual boot. Windows 10 works normally and shuts down OK. But Linux will not shut down. When I click shut down all I get is a green screen and a high pitched whistle.
I have checked and I have Nautilus 2.26.2 installed.
Anyone help?
Can I delete Linux or can I repair it. I am advised that if I delete Linux my Bootloader for Windows will not work


Hi Ian and welcome to the forum.

Which Linux distribution did you install ?

Do you know if your system is UEFI and if Windows/Linux were installed in UEFI mode ? … if not you can check if Windows was installed in UEFI mode by looking to see if there’s an “EFI System Partition” … instructions here (for Windows):

In Linux, can you open a terminal and post the output from running this command:

sudo fdisk -l