new installation

I would like to give my young grandson my old computer and to make it easy I thought Linux would suit
I would like to use a 4GB memory stick to download to.
I do not know much about Linux
Can to help me to proceed
Forgive me if I have not followed the correct way of raising a query
Thank you

Can I suggest Ubuntu… either 10.04, or wait 5 days for 10.10 to be released… or you can get the 10.10 “RC” (release candidate) now… which will be updated to 10.10 “Final” automatically on the 10th, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can download the ISO image from here:

and follow the instructions from step 2 here:

to create a bootable LiveUSB stick, from which you can either run Linux directly, or install it to the PC’s hard drive

BTW, I know those instructions are for 10.04, but they should work for 10.10 too.

If you need to create the LiveUSB stick from a Linux PC, let us know which distro you’re using.

Hint - If you’re using a 4gb USB stick… when asked by the Universal USB Installer, create a 2gb persistence file.

If/when you decide to install to the hard drive, just click the “Install Ubuntu” icon on the LiveUSB desktop or during booting, and follow the instructions here:

10.04 Lucid Lynx installation instructions

10.10 Maverick Meerkat installation instructions

If you decide on a Linux distribution other than Ubuntu, serach for instructions on how to create a LiveUSB for your chosed distro.

Great choice by the way… getting him used to Linux young… you might find this article interesting:
or you may not… who knows :wink:

Thank you very much Mark Greaves your quick response and helpful reply

I will give it a try
Thank you