New Installtion problems

I’ve just up graded to 11.10 how do I view and edit the installing log I got several errors not empty directory and a warning at one point’
It’s also very slow as another member said but I expected that

I’ve got ubuntu 11.10
athlon 2650e
83.6 disk space

Use the log file viewer.

But AFAIK, for an “Upgrade” there should be a log file at:-
but I could be wrong … on the whole, I usually do fresh installs … so I’ve never looked for a dist-upgrade log, and currently don’t have a system that would contain one.

Thank you very much … but what do you want me to do with it ?

You only asked where you could find it ???

Specific update manager error messages would be helpful.

And the output from:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

“Warnings” received during an upgrade or any other operation aren’t necessarily a bad sign … they can be just for information.

Well that was odd … the topic has suddenly and without explanation been tagged as fixed ???

Probably couldn’t get keys or something…

Ehh ??? … YOU marked the topic as “Fixed” yesterday (but have now apparently removed the “Fixed” tag) … and you didn’t respond to my questions … so now I’m REALLY confused.

You tell us … is it fixed ?

Don’t change the topic title to “Fixed” or “Solved” until you consider it fixed or solved.

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So if it’s solved … why did you remove the “Fixed” tag ?

Is Update Manager working properly now ? … if so, what did you do to fix it ?

Ahh … that was easy then :slight_smile: … thanks for the update.