New Linux distro: DescentOS.

Many of you may recall older versions of Ubuntu that came with Gnome 2. I.E. Lucid Lynx and Maverick Meerkat. Until Canonical & the GNOME team moved away from it to progress into, what is now, the desktop environment mess. With all these new desktop environments popping up, people moan and complain about change.

There are some people out there, who want to stick with good old Gnome 2, but also keep that functionality and support of Ubuntu. Enter DescentOS.

Now you may look at that and say, “well that’s not Gnome 2! That’s a Windows 7 interpretation with a dock!” and you could be somewhat right, but DescentOS also has another trick up it’s sleeve. It’s “modernized” Gnome 2, to look a bit like Gnome 3.

So what’s to like and not to like? Well why don’t you go find out? Download it from the official site:

I haven’t yet tested it, I’m currently burning the LiveCD, but from I see this looks pretty good. It’s like a variation of ElementaryOS.

I’d say both are very comparable. DescentOS has the potential, and indeed once you’ve got it configured to your liking, it looks the dogs nuts.

Screenshots taken by Ikj on the DescentOS Forums.

I’ll let you all know how I get on.

P.S. It comes with VLC installed as default!!

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WTF … Why on gods green earth would anyone build a distro around a dead desktop, and then proceed to try make it look like its replacement ?

This is madness at work …

For gods sake people, Gnome 2.x is dead,let it lie in peace … and concentrate on getting Gnome 3 up to speed on the customisation front.

I see no reason why Gnome 3 can’t be MORE tweakable than Gnome 2.x

I view MATE as yet another pointless fragmentation of the Linux desktop … I’m all for choice, but this unholy mess is IMHO holding back third party Gnome 3 development.

Aaaaarrrggghhh!!! … OK, look I’m entitled to my opinions :wink:

I would be inclined to agree with Mark on this one(partly). :slight_smile:
There are still a number of distros out there which are sticking with Gnome 2.x. knowing that it is effectively dead.
Mate has some future, as long as the developers are sticking with it.
I would say that the best option for people not liking the Gnome3 Shell (or Unity for that matter) is to go with Cinnamon.
It is building on top of Gnome 3, therefore there is a chance of continuity of the Gnome 2.x look and functionality.

I’m not seeing it ??? … wont applications built with GTK+2 eventually fade away, or are MATE either going to stick with old versions of applications, or keep developing all the apps too ?

Now that makes MUCH more sense … as I said third party devs improving Gnome3 :slight_smile:

DescentOS is currently in it’s second version which is based up specifically Ubuntu Natty.

His reasoning for sticking with Gnome 2 is this:

At the time I made it, MATE wasn't quite ready for primetime yet, but now it is.

I’ve asked him why he doesn’t build around Gnome 3 or Cinnamon in DescentOS 3 which will be based on Precise, haven’t heard a reply yet but I’ll keep everyone updated.

Anyone tried DescentOS yet? I’m about to spool up the disk and test it.


[i] "Gnome 3 (even the fallback mode) isn't necessarily a good fit because in my experience, it's way more heavy on resources than I would like. I designed this from the ground up to run on anyone's computer without it taking up a ton of resources and still have the looks/neatness of gnome 3, but still preserve real functionality of gnome2. And besides, it's only dead when people officially stop using it, MATE's actually going strong, Gnome2 was stable enough to ease people into what I'm doing, so I see no real problem with using MATE/Gnome2 at all.

I refuse to utilize cinnamon because then I’d just be copying mint, and I want to steer as far away from mint as I can, yet still cater to a similar audience."[/i]

I’ve asked him why not just remove the mint menus from Cinnamon and no-one would know.

P.S. The quote function isn’t working again!!

yes it is !!!


yes it is

I’m not convinced Gnome2/MATE is “lighter” … Mutter is lighter than Metacity/Compiz

And see above why I think Gnome2/MATE won’t last.

I’m not convinced it will last either. IMO People should be pushing Gnome 3 just liked they did Gnome 2.

It doesn’t work for me, you can even check the edit yourself.

I have read it somewhere that the MATE developers plan to port MATE to GTK+ 3 sometime in the future

Well that’s a move in the right direction, but I would have thought an easier starting point would have been GTK+3/Gnome3 and to tweak it … a la Cinnamon.

Just feels like a bunch of devs pulling in different directions to me … which they’re perfectly entitled to do, of course … I just see it as a waste of time, and bound to fail.

Similar to the fork(s) of KDE3, when KDE4 first appeared.

I have no doubt things will settle down and the majority of work will go into Gnome3 eventually … it did with KDE4 :wink:

I just seriously can’t see the point in MATE (at least in the long term) … Cinnamon is a worthy project though.

Honestly, I kind of felt held back in gnome 3 in the customization department. Sure, you have all those cool plugins, but they are generally limited. Again, I'm staying with MATE, and will for a while. It runs all those "new" apps just fine, and even supports GTK3, so it's still a viable platform.

That was in response to my question of why he didn’t just go with Gnome 3 or Cinnamon.

He’s right (kind of) … Gnome2 was more customisable, but that was ONLY because of third party tweaks/tools/pluins/etc. that became available over time … some of which made it into Gnome2 distro’s by default.

They WILL appear for Gnome3 … but it will take longer if everyone’s pulling in different directions.

Let Gnome2 die peacefully … it has been superseded and will not be coming back … stop trying to keep it alive on life support, and get on with making Gnome3 BETTER than Gnome2 was.

That said, he’s as entitled to his opinion as I am … and as far as his distro goes, a lot more so … and I wish him and his distro nothing but the best :slight_smile:

I’m in love with Gnome-Shell, I don’t know how anyone could hate it… well apart from the windows management which needs some serious reorganization.

Can we please say “Window Management” rather than “Windows Management” … My wheelie bin has “Windows Manager” written on it :wink:

Hahaha, lol.