New Member!

Hi all!!

I’ve only recently found this forum but I hope I’ll be here for a while!

I am a passionate Linux user at home and would love to move from my current Communication Technician job in the RAF into the professional Linux world.

Feel free to PM if you want to chat!


Hi glitch, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When you say “at home”, do the RAF/MOD still use Windows ?

Yes they do, Windows XP to be precise.

It makes me feel unclean… :frowning:

Oh dear … kind of makes light of the “security” in “security forces” a bit :wink:

I’m not knocking the armed forces BTW … ex RAF myself (A Tech P), long long time ago though :slight_smile:

Well from serviceman to serviceman I can tell you that the armed forces aren’t what they once were. I myself have only been in for 8 years but even within that short time I’ve seen my trade (new ICT Tech TG4 - old Eng Tech EL TG3) become entirely civilianised. I’m a qualified technician who isn’t allowed to do any technical work as it will breach the contract! So when you hear on the news that the MOD has had a security breach, it’s the civilian contractors who are to blame.

Saying that, if anyone feels I am ‘slagging off’ the Armed Forces then please hold that thought. Although a lot of things have changed we are still by far the most efficient and effective Armed Forces in the world when we do what we do best and I am proud to serve… I just don’t enjoy my day job!

This country is seriously going to the dogs … security by means of the lowest bidder … it would be laughable if I weren’t British, but a sad sign of the times I suppose.

I’m also guessing the use civilian contractors is what mandates the use of Windows … much cheaper/easier to find Windows techies than to train Linux ones.

I agree with you on that, everything is going to the lowest bidder. It makes you think what they must sacrifice to get that Aldi cheapness price.

Especially when it’s concerning something important, like the aircraft you travel on to go away on holiday… ???

Heh … you’ve just reminded me of this:-

Very trust inspiring :slight_smile:

Haha Awesome!

Then you overhear the Captain on the phone to Microsoft Tech Support…

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Now where is my parachute and how do I open this door…

ROFL … :slight_smile:

Then you overhear the Captain on the phone to Microsoft Tech Support...

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Killer quote … I love it :slight_smile:

I applied for the armed forces last year. I was going to do IT/Logistics etc. I never got a call or email back. So they mustn’t have wanted my self-being there, haha. My cousin is in the Army, he’s a combat medic. He was the reason I signed up, but since they never got back, I didn’t bother. Makes you wonder, they must be on the phone to Microsoft a lot? And seeing as the support for XP has been dropped, I wonder what they’re going to do now…

If co-operations are still using XP it makes you wonder, why haven’t they complained they’re money has went missing yet? ???

I’m surprised they never called you back. Normally they put everyone through basic training just to watch them cry! Haha

I heard a rumour a few weeks ago that the company who runs all our IT is planning to roll out Win7. I’m not sure how to feel about that as I’m less of a fan of Win7 than I am of XP!

Funny thing is, for basic training I probs wouldn’t have even made the first hurdle. XD I’m a lazy sod, and even though I’m 17, I’m about as fit as a panda, lmao.

Well if they are prepared to upgrade their systems, then let them be naive, haha. Even though it’s tax payers money, but hey, that’s us Brits right down to a tea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Argh … Swinderby … PTI’s … cross county runs … hate, hate hate.

Though I must add … those self same PTI’s certainly got me fit pretty damn sharpish … pity it didn’t last :slight_smile:

Is basic training still at Swinderby ?

;D Basic hasn’t been done at Swinderby since 1993 I think. It’s done at Halton now.

And if you ever thought that the government takes the security of our RAF trainees seriously then talk a walk down the public footpath that runs right through RAF Halton. They have armed guard on the gate and then right next to it is an open gate…

...wouldn't have even made the first hurdle. XD I'm a lazy sod

You would only have to make it through basic, it get less physical after that. For example I am currently sitting in an air conditioned office, at a desk with a coffee. Not very ‘military’!!

Halton was the next stop … “trade” training back then (late 70’s).


You WOULD have made the first hurdle, you’d have been given little option :wink: … not to mention you’d have been scared sh**less of the PTI’s :o … at least I (and everyone else there at the time) was.

Haha, perhaps 3 years later. :stuck_out_tongue: