New to Linux and IT - please advise on possible career opportunities

Hello, I’m new to using Linux and I’ve just joined this forum. I’m trying to get some idea of the career opportunities there might be for me in the Linux field, if anyone could advise me. I’m 53 years old and have never had a job in IT. Up to now my work has been in music, as a self employed musician, music teacher and composer. As such I have a good deal of experience using Apple Mac computers. I’ve just started taking the online EDX course in Linux. Would there be ‘in door’ for someone in my situation - obviously a little further down the line as I only started the EDX course about 3 weeks ago. What else would I need to learn? I have no degree, just 5 ‘O’ Levels inc English and Maths but I’m intelligent, youthful and willing to learn.

a career as a Linux professional is definitely a good option
there are many good Linux certifications out there
The job you are targeting is Systems Administrator
try CompTIA Linux+ or LPI certification

It entirely depends on what you want to do - professionally, Linux is mostly found in server-type roles, including firewalls and NAS solutions (very few desktop implementations, at least in the UK). Therefore, you are natually looking towards techincal server administration roles, or developer/programmer roles. Of course, there are other solutions (as a musician, you may be aware that there are now decent DAWs available for Linux, such as Bitwig), such as media production, but again they lean more towards specialist roles, requiring years of training. There is no easy, quick route into professional Linux use :frowning:

If you’ve got the patience/aptitude/funding, you could always self-start a sales/consultancy business, but it’s a rough ride in the UK. There are still plenty of Windows XP users out there, including small businesses, so it’s not impossible (I would LOVE to do it, if I had the capital!)

If you know Linux inside out then SysAdmin jobs might be available. They pay very well (I’ve seen Linux Sysadmin jobs in London advertised at £60k+). However, you have to know pretty much everything there is to know. Unless you are a very quick learner then you’re looking at several years of very hard work before you’re even close to being ready.
A better option perhaps might be to think along the lines of offering a Consultant service to small businesses, new start ups and the domestic market, based around getting people off Windows and into Linux. That way you’d not need all the server side stuff and could concentrate on one or two distros on the Desktop. This would reduce your workload quite considerably. As to whether it’s a viable method of self support is another matter entirely. Only time would tell.

Good luck.