New to Linux, Please help with laptop enquiry

Dear All

I am new to linux and interested in moving from Windows. I have a HP laptop model pavilion ze5604, Intel celeron 2.66ghz processor 512mb ram, can anyone advise which version to download and install and any helpful advice.

many thanks in advance

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I cant find the product specs for the ze5604… HP do a pavilion ze5604AP, pavilion ze5604EA and pavilion ze5604RS

You can either try find out which one you have… usually on a sticker on the bottom.

Or download the LiveCD ISO image of Ubuntu, burn it to disk, and boot to the CD, then select “Try Ubuntu 10.04”… this will boot a fully working copy of Ubuntu from the CD without installing it to the hard drive… if it all works, you can click the “Install Ubuntu” icon on the desktop to install.

The reason I’m pointing you towards Ubuntu is you will find online support/help easier to find for Ubuntu than some other distros.

There is an installation guide here:

For further information, you might want to look round our main site:

If you have any other questions, just ask :slight_smile:

Be aware running from a LiveCD will be a LOT slower than it will be once installed to you hard drive

Also because of your lack of RAM, you might want to check out a “lighter” LXDE based distro such as Peppermint

Dear Mark

Many thanks for your response, yes it is a HP Pavilion laptop model ze5604ea, I will try what you have suggested, many thanks.

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Would you believe it… I can’t find any detailed product specs anywhere (not even from HP) for the ze5604EA so it looks like you’ll have to just try a LiveCD and see how you get on…

So far all I’ve found is it has an ATI Mobilty Radeon, but it doesn’t say which one.

The radeon will work, but don’t expect it to be a gamer :wink: