New to Linux

Hi folks

Yeah I’m new to Linux but not to Windows and PCs. Having had a look around the net it seems a bit confusing and does not look to be as straightforward as I thought it would be to move from Win 10 to Linux.

What I am aiming to do is to install Linux on my desktop and get rid of Win 10. This system is used for gaming normally with Steam, internet and general office type work (all at home) but I dont know what Linux Distro to use.

Your guidance would be well welcomed

Hi Harry55, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be one of these 5 in this order

Linux Mint (Cinnamon)
Ubuntu MATE
Linux Mint MATE

I must add I’m part of the Peppermint team, so read into that what you will :wink:

Any of those 5 would be good choices, so why not try them all out on LiveUSB ?

A LiveUSB allows you to test drive the OS running from a USB stick without making any changes to the hard drive … if when you find one you like, the USB can then be used as the installation media.

Would you like assistance with how to download a distro ISO image and ‘burn’ it to a LiveUSB stick ? … if so, which would you like to try first ?

Thank you Mark for a quick response.

At the minute I’m not at home as I’m in Scotland so cant use my desktop but I do have a Dell E6400 running Win 7.

If the Linux Distro are ok to use on this laptop then could start me of with Peppermint.


Sure :slight_smile: … I take it you have a 2GB plus USB stick, and you’ll be creating this LiveUSB in Windows ?

The good thing about test driving via LiveUSB is it will show us how well (or not) it works with your hardware BEFORE you choose to install or not :wink:

Cheers Mark

Yeah the usb is 8GB, next move Rufus or Peppermint ?

Sorry Harry, somehow i didn’t get notified you’d posted…

Anyway, yeah spot on, rufus is the tool and here’s the ISO
we’ll try the 64bit first.

Let me know if you need any help, or have any questions.

I’m in a similar position, new to Linux, but not PC’s… used Windows since 3.1, so that gives you an idea!!

I want to install Linux (never seen or used it) as I am starting to write iOS apps using Swift and I’m not about to buy a Mac!!

Anyone any suggestions best Linux OS for this, and how I go about getting a Linux OS on a USB for testing (something new I’ve just seen someone mention).

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Though I’m not an iOS developer I can’t see that one Linux distro would be any better than the others at this.

I’d say the above distro list still stands, for the same reasons … eg. available help/documentation.

Creating a LiveUSB … well these tutorials should apply to any of the distros above:,4350.0.html

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi, You may want to try to install Mac OSX system on your existing PC/laptop. No need to pay extra £ just because its Apple hardware. If this is what you are going to do, I mean just develop some iOS apps etc. There are tons of tutorials available how to do it, also some vidoes on youtube.
example tutorial:

ps. skip the hardware bit and go straight into installing and booting it