new user nees help

i have had my acer aspire one linux laptop for a while now, but only recently have i had the desire to install and download new software. Whilst attempting to download psi messenger (i cant seem to receive offline messages on amsn messenger) i realised that i can download the program into my downloads folder but i dont know how to get the program onto my desktop and start running it. i have had this problem before whilst trying to install skype. i dont know what type of linix im running and i cant seem to find out either. any help would be appreciated, preferable in very simple language as im not very experienced!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you not have an option to install new software on the menus anywhere?
(Ubuntu/Mint have things like ‘Synaptic’ which just let you install new software via point and click… ??)

Also, for IM you should probably look at ‘Pidgin’, this is generally accepted as ‘the’ program to use on Linux …

i dont have the option to install new software anywhere, and with my downloads i only have the option to open with xavier.

Time to install the Ubuntu netbook edition (!)

You are probably using Linpus Lite (based on Fedora Core 8 ) which DOES have a package manager (synaptic) but by default it is hidden… you need to enable the XFCE Desktop (advanced mode).

Go to Files > My Documents to open the File Manager. Then go to (menus at top) File > Terminal.

When the terminal opens type:


and hit enter to get the Xfce Settings Manager.

Click on Desktop to get to the Desktop Preferencs and choose the Behavior tab.

Now under Menus, tick the Show desktop menu on right click option and close the window.

This setting will allow you to bring up the normal desktop menu when you right click somewhere on the desktop. The Desktop Menu contains many more options than the limited user interface on the Aspire One.

Right-click somewhere on your desktop and the menu will appear… under System you will find Add/Remove Software, this will start the Synaptic package manager.

Acer Aspire One Advanced Mode

If you need instructions on how to use Synaptic let me know.

You don’t normally have to “download” an installer (as you do in windows)… you go to synaptic, pick the program you want, tick “mark for installation” and click “apply”, and it will be downloaded and installed for you.

As MP says, use “Pidgin” as an aMSN alternative… just search in Synaptic for it.
If you “really” want psi, it should be available in Synaptic (it is in Mint/Ubuntu), just search for psi, but pidgin is much better and supports just as many protocols (if not more) as psi (eg. MSN, Facebook chat, yahoo, etc).

If for some reason Synaptic doesn’t contain what you want, and you are going to “download” an application, make sure you get the .rpm version (FC8), put it in your “home” directory, and it can be installed from a terminal with the command

cd ~
sudo rpm -i FileName.rpm

hit enter after each line. (obviously you need to change the “FileName” part of that command)
Remembering, Linux commands ARE case sensitive.

But the Synaptic package manager should always be your first “port of call”.

Erm, I’m confused … Fedora is RPM based … does Synaptic do RPM’s too? I thought it was just .deb?

Yup (RPM’s too)…

Weird eh!.. apt-get (although syntax might be apt-rpm) works too (in Linpus Lite)… and (i think) yum doesn’t… even when it’s using the fedora repos… although this might (just) be because it’s not installed by default?.

Mmm, 's useful to know, live and learn! :smiley:

I’ve always used this in the past;

alien --to-deb /path/to/file.rpm