New User: USB not listed in boot

I’ve chosen Mint. Its a laptop.

I get up to creating the boot pendrive fine, but when I restart the laptop under F9 all I’ve got are “from CD/rom” or “from hard drive”. The USB is never listed. Any idea what the problem might be?


I’m going to guess this is a UEFI problem

Can you give us the exact make/model of your laptop ?

The exact version of Linux Mint (including whether you’re trying the 32bit or 64bit version)

and how you created the LiveUSB ?


It’s an HP G62-b3SA
Windows 7

I opted for the 32bit latest version of Mint (I think it was 16)

It’s a bit hazy now because it took almost a week to get this post approved, but I went to the site that everyone seems to use, think it was called linuxpendrive dot com and followed the instructions exactly. Seemed to work because I can see all the files inside the drive, and there’s nothing wrong with the USB port.

There’s nothing on this laptop. I just want it to run Linux so I wouldn’t mind replacing Windows entirely.

Okay, if it came with Win7 it’ll not be UEFI, so you’re okay with the 32bit version of Mint

Can you say how you created the LiveUSB (ie. how you wrote the Mint ISO to the USB stick) ?

Or if you would like me to post instructions for recreating the LiveUSB, can you mention which OS you’ll be using to create it (Windows or Linux)